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Forget the fuss of trying to create a fun, catchy and cool username on IG. The SocialShaft’s Instagram username generator will create a cool & catchy handle for your new or current account!

The Instagram username generator is a free online tool, developed by SocialShaft. By using clever algorithms, it can create and offer you catchy and memorable usernames for your Instagram account.

All you have to do is type in your real name or brand name or a nickname, what are you like, your hobbies, the things you like and some important words that could be in your handle. Click ‘Generate’ and select from the wide range of usernames that are available.

Since the tool generates around 30 unique usernames every time, checking the availability is very important. Knowing whether the generated username is available is super simple.

Just click on it, wait for the system to complete the check and see the answer. If a red ‘X’ pops up, unfortunately the username is already taken. However, if the indicator is green, it means that you can use it!

The relevant information is used by our username generator to generate relevant, unique and cool usernames, and nothing else.

You can play around with the data, giving your nickname instead of your name, using some funny words or not adding any information that you consider sensitive and personal.

It is all used with caution and security which means that your inputs are very safe and aren’t used for anything else!

Yes, the SocialShaft Instagram username generator is completely free to use.

Simply type in the required information, generate the username, check whether it’s available and use it to create a new account or to rebrand a current Instagram profile.

Great usernames are all about relevance, memorability and uniqueness. If you can find a way to blend and mix all of those features into your username, you will definitely have a great one.

By using SocialShaft’s Instagram username generator and inputting relevant information about yourself and the account that you wish to create, you can generate awesome, fun and unique usernames by the bunches.

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