Instagram posts downloader
Just enter the username of an Instagram account or paste the link to the post and download it. No payment walls, no surveys, no fuss. Just type in or paste, select and download!

SocialShaft’s post downloader is just what the title suggests. It’s a free tool which you can use to download any public post from Instagram with just a few clicks.

The tool is available to everyone and is very easy to use. Enter the Instagram username of the post author or paste the post link and download it!

The quickest and easiest way to do that is by using SocialShaft’s post downloader for Instagram.

All you need to do is enter the username of the post author. You can then select their posts and conveniently download them in an image or video format.

Alternatively, you can download individual posts by pasting the post UR. Keep in mind that only public account posts can be downloaded.

Yes, the posts downloader is a tool that is available on both mobile and PC. The way it works is also identical too, regardless of which device you choose to access it from.

Simply copy the link of the post or type in the handle of the account and select the post to download.

Yes, SocialShaft’s post downloader allows you to download videos from Instagram. The download process is exactly the same.

However, instead of an image file, you will download a file in video format, just like the original post. Downloading multiple videos is also possible.

Yes, everyone can download multiple posts from a single account or multiple accounts as well. Just enter the username of the post author and select the posts which you want to download.

The tool will take care of the rest, starting the download process with each and every one of the files.

Downloading content that is published on Instagram is absolutely legal. However, if you decide to publish the content on your own profile or page, you must give credit to the author of the original post.

In addition, you can’t make money from someone else’s content by labelling it as yours. If you don’t attribute the author, your post could be taken down.

Fortunately, the SocialShaft Instagram post downloader is a completely anonymous tool. Thanks to it, no one will know whether you downloaded a single, multiple or all of their posts.

Don’t forget to attribute the author if you publish the downloaded pic or video on your profile.

Yes, that is possible with SocialShaft’s Instagram post downloader.

You can either add the post link or type in the username of the account. If you go with the latter, just pick out a single or multiple Reels or IGTV videos and download them.

That’s really the same as downloading regular posts.

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