How to get Instagram Likes for Free with SocialShaft (in 10 Minutes!)

How to get Instagram Likes for Free with SocialShaft (in 10 Minutes!)

26th February, 2020

Wish to grow a successful business on IG? Always excited by the idea of going viral on this social network? Want to reach your goals fast and without spending a fortune? Free likes on Instagram and a 50 free IG like trial is just what you need for setting off!

SocialShaft is your one-stop shop for all Instagram marketing services. By purchasing or even getting free engagement, our clients can satisfy a plethora of needs. From promoting a campaign to improving brand awareness, Instagram likes, views and also followers at an affordable rate could be just what your social media project is lacking at the moment

A free trial

free instagram likes from socialshaft

50 free Instagram likes trial can be described as an instant boost of engagement. Opposite to most social media marketing strategies or other boosts, IG likes from SocialShaft are hassle-free and immediate. Using this service boosts the visibility of your content. It can also set the tone for a fantastic campaign or improve engagement by attracting new and eager audiences in a blink of an eye. See the impact within seconds after the order is complete. 

However, the impact can be retained. If you are smart and consistent with your IG likes services, you can grow to be as big as Jenner sisters or at least a very recognisable face in a particular field. Opposite to just changing the number of likes on your display, the service creates a more straightforward path for content creators to get acknowledged. Free and paid likes come as an alternative to endless likes-for-likes or story-spamming shoutouts. Skip that and enjoy the benefits that come with immediate popularity.

Jenner sisters instagram post

Quick, direct and free

Instead of paying obscene sums for social media management or content strategy establishment, get a free ’50 likes’ sample right now. As you may be aware, social media content strategies are long-term solutions that only also pay off in the long run. Most businesses and modern-day influencers cannot afford to waste time by only bearing with a long-term solution. You need results now. Combining a long-term strategy with our services could be the magic ingredient which propels any content creator to new, unreached heights.

Through a straightforward phase of just three steps, any social media content creator, manager, wiz, guru or newbie can order 50 instantaneous likes free of charge. In only a minute, you will set off in improving your account or promoting services as a professional. Just 60 seconds. This is how long it usually takes to finalise the order to get Instagram likes for free. All that is left to do is to sit back and wait for the likes to come in. 

Other IG marketing strategies are not so efficient in this area

Traditional instagram marketing strategies are not efficient

In the short term and for immediate results, other marketing decisions will always fail in comparison to free or even bought IG likes. If you decide to buy cheap Instagram likes online, you immediately get a response. In essence, within minutes, changes start to take place, whereas, with a strategy, months of grind have to be put in to see the results.

Nonetheless, they are different approaches altogether. One is more focused on boosting and instant reach while strategies are more aimed towards gradual improvements. For both business and page owners that do not have the luxury to wait, getting free or bought likes is just the best way to increase engagement or reach a broader audience of people while simultaneously boosting the prestige of their brand.

Finally, there is the cost comparison. Buying strategy and management services are significantly costlier options. Besides, it is a commitment. You will have to abide contracts and live with the uncertainty. In this case, free likes are just a better option right now. Nevertheless, combining a working strategy with free and bought likes is the best method for growth on IG. 


Why should you bother with boosting the number likes?

As you probably know, Instagram is testing out a feature of hiding like counts for a specific set of users. This does not make likes obsolete, or any less important as the actions of the social network could lead you to believe. Meta and algorithms have not changed. Instagram remains a social media platform oriented towards clicks, user enjoyment and optimising content preferences for the highest advertisement revenue. Likes, comments, DM’s and other forms of user engagement help distinguish more “Enjoyable” content from the pack.

However, likes still drive your Instagram page, just as before. Even though the count is only visible to you, the meta and the algorithms of Instagram still favour quality over anything else. Quality, in this case, refers to engaging, meaning liked and commented content. With an influx of free likes, you have a much higher chance to appear in recommendations and the ‘Browse’ tab. 

Why free likes are worth your while?


Instagram post from @insidrmedia

There is no way around ‘Likes’ on IG. If you can get free likes on Instagram, your page and/or profile is bound to get much more exposure. They are not just for show either. With free likes on Instagram pictures come enthusiastic audiences that will genuinely appreciate your OC (original content). 

These audiences will convert into a loyal fanbase over time, and will help your page grow in turn. This works both ways as your page receives more short-term recognition through likes and improves engagement rates in the long-run due to organically attracted audiences arriving as a result.

50 free likes – just the beginning


Fifty likes on an IG post will not change the whole world, but it can be an excellent catalyst for a growth spurt on this platform. If you try Instagram likes for free, you risk absolutely nothing. This freebie also can show that we offer only highest quality services for our clients.

Instant order execution ensures fluidity of content management and in no way whatsoever disrupts posting schedules or other activities in the median. Try the IG free likes trial to see how things work yourself. SocialShaft also offers larger bundles of Instagram likes and an auto-subscription to make sure your content is in the limelight at all times.

As your page and brand recognition naturally progresses, your goals should too. SocialShaft has the means and tools to assist Instagram pages of all niches, sizes and ages. Whether you repost eye-catching corporate logos for two years or just started by creating neat infographics about economics, a package of 50 free, instant Instagram likes or a larger bundle of 1000 likes will prove to be an investment of significant value. 


Transparent, helpful and effortless  

You could try to find a simpler way to obtain likes. However, every method, ever created or developed for getting IG likes usually consists of endless grinding or costs a fortune. Besides, we offer free likes, so finding something cheaper is out of the question.

For those who want to skip months of slow, steep growth planning and enjoy the advantages as well as incentives that come with being noticeable and successful on IG, we could not recommend anything else other than 50 free Instagram likes. If you get Instagram likes for free, you enhance the value of your page by giving it more credibility and also set the stage for a chance to go viral. For free. 

Other options to get likes without spending cash

Ronaldo instagram post

There exist a few options and methods which can allow you to obtain free likes from other IG users without spending money. However, they are time and effort consuming, and results are mediocre, at best. Here are a few ways to attract likes to your photos:

  • Comment encouragement on popular photos (Wow, great stuff…, Amazing photo…, Interesting content…, etc.)
  • Find people who comment on popular images and offer to exchange likes (FB – follow back, LB- like back). This will require liking their photos and will not guarantee a like in return.
  • Go on forums or other social media platforms to find people who are willing to exchange likes

How much could one like actually cost?

If you have encountered Instagram Ads before, you might have heard about CPC (cost per click) and other ad efficiency metrics. However, no one has found an accurate way to measure how much one like on Instagram actually costs. 

It is tricky, but we can try to find out. Let’s say every action is done by a social media manager who works for you. His or her hourly wage is 20 USD. 

Option A: grind for the likes via comments and methods listed in the paragraph above. Let’s say the content manager spent the entire day doing this. We’ve tried this for a half of an hour and got 17 likes. This would round out to 272 likes per day. The cost of 272 likes this way is 160 USD or 58 cents per like. The returning impact is also tiny because none of the people who liked the post likely genuinely care about your content.

Gary Vee's Instagram followers strategy

Option B: Buying up ads on Instagram and encouraging people to like. Let’s say you spend an equivalent amount of money – 160 USD in a day. On average, people indicate a 0.2-2 USD cost per click. This means that anywhere between 80 and 800 people will click on your photo. Let’s take the rough average – 440. On average, conversion rates are between 3 and 7%. So it means that only around 22 people will click ‘Like’ on your photo if you spend 160USD or 7.2 USD per like. 

Option C: buy likes from Instagram marketing service providers. For a whopping 160 USD investment, you could get more than 20 thousand likes here. This rounds out to a staggering .8 cents per like. Instant delivery and the ability to split likes adds tons of flexibility. And no matter in which way you put it, puny 20 likes, 270 or whatever number you get with other methods, will top the results brought in by option C or choosing Instagram like purchases online.


How to get free likes from SocialShaft?

SocialShaft's main page

We discussed free likes on IG a lot. It is time to tell you exactly how to obtain them from SocialShaft. Remember that you can start off with 50 likes for free or select a larger package of hundreds or even thousands of Instagram likes for a reasonable flat fee. No password or other sensitive info is required. 

Actually doing it: Select the free package for free Instagram likes before buying. Add the package to the cart and continue to enter your IG username. Select the post which you wish the likes to be added to. Remember to make sure that the targeted account is public for the service to work. 

Three steps to get free likes:

1. Go to the dedicated sub-page for free likes on SocialShaft

Free IG likes order form on Socialshaft

2. Enter your Instagram username and select the ‘Amount of likes’ to be at 50. Press continue

Free likes - enter instagram username

3. On the following screen, select the picture which should get the likes

Free likes - select your post step

4. Then enter your email address below to submit the order

enter email address step

5. Follow the instructions on the next page 

confirm email address step

6. Confirm your order by following the link in your email (P.S. if you can’t see the email, check your ‘Spam’ folder)

check and confirm email to start free 50 instagram likes trial from Socialshaft

Congrats! You are done. Now watch the likes come in and make the most of this new engagement. Delivery of likes is almost instantaneous.