8 Ingenious and Easy Ways to Get More Comments on Your Instagram Posts

8 Ingenious and Easy Ways to Get More Comments on Your Instagram Posts

27th October, 2020

Getting comments on your posts always feels nice. Whether it’s just 3 or 300 comments, you can’t help but feel at least a tiny bit better than without them. And yes, we know that some comments can be quite critical or even spammy. Still, despite this – any kind of comment will show the author (you) that audiences cared enough to think of something and share their opinions and/or insights. This might just be the best possible form of evaluation that the author and content creator can get – genuine engagement. On the other hand, more comments will result in more organic reach and boost the spread of your message. So, it’s crucial for your posts to get a lot of comments. How to get more comments? We’re here to answer that. Here are 8 witty and simple methods you can use to get more people to comment on your IG posts.

#1 - Choose more visually appealing forms of content

If you were to read any kind of guide which tries to cover the topic of Which post types on Instagram perform best? you could definitely make a case for investing in quality imagery. There are some ways to make your video, GIF or photo posts get more engagement:

  • Upload a multi-photo gallery
  • Do Boomerangs or GIF’s
  • Use a unique design (DIY on Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. or use one from Canva, Adobe Spark, etc.)
  • Add product tags
  • Tag other users
  • Repost user-generated content

Alternatively, you can go for pure natural, unfiltered and unchanged looks to make visual storytelling a lot more believable and compelling, resonant. 

This guide from AdEspresso by Hootsuite can tell you a lot more in-depth info on how to create visually appealing photo and video content for social media. Other than our tips mentioned above for choosing the best form of content, here are also rules for snapping the perfect image for better engagement. You probably need no further explanation why cool and powerful pics get more likes, comments and shares, right? Regardless, don’t forget to: use appropriate lighting, post vertically, avoid wasting image space but don’t fill it with text in the image, focus on the main object (person, service, logo, etc.), don’t over-do filters, get the best out of the lighting. 


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#2 – Give gifts and prizes

From one point of view, this is the cheapest trick in the book considering you don’t need to use a lot of creativity for it. From another standpoint, it will cost you a lot of time and money to find and purchase cool gifts to your followers. Nonetheless, giveaways are one of the most efficient and time-tested methods for boosting engagement on social media. If you do a giveaway, you are very likely to get tons of people liking, commenting, sharing or participating in other ways.

Giveaways usually have rules and terms for participants. Just make sure that in order to be eligible, they have to comment under your post and you’re golden!

After the fact, make sure to appropriately reward the winner and share images of proof. This is just a precautionary measure as a lot of people tend to be highly sceptical of contests and giveaways that are run by young and lesser-known brands and/or influencers.


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#3 – Don’t shy away from polarising topics

If you want comments, you need to get over the fact that some of them may be critical, disagree with you or even try and troll you. The latter comments are useless and can be deleted, but constructive critique or contradicting. Still, fact-based opinions or emotional responses, you shouldn’t delete. Make sure to understand that polarising or very controversial topics are called that for a reason. Some people might have strong beliefs, and your goal is definitely not to change those views. Oh no, you should look at the bigger picture and embrace whatever opinions are shared. That’s because you want comments not to prove what’s right and what’s wrong.

However, there is a very fine line between asking a tough, important question and just making forceful clickbait. Some people are slightly better at crafting out catchy headlines, slogans and putting words in a particular order. They seem to have that knack for it. However, with time, anyone can gain experience and become pros at doing this. We can’t teach you how to make a killer headline in one paragraph, but we can tell you the do’s and don’ts of posting about polarising topics for more comments.


  • Share facts
  • Share stories sent to you by your followers
  • Give expert insights
  • Draw conclusions or ideas from your own experience


  • Demonising particular individuals;
  • Cursing and ranting (even when you’re super emotional, it’s better to just cool down for a while)
  • Distinguishing what’s right and what’s wrong

And suppose you manage to navigate through this in a professional manner. In that case, your content will definitely come across the feeds of hundreds of people on social media who just cannot keep to themselves. They will definitely share their own stories, engage between one another, etc. You will be the primary beneficiary as your post will receive a massive engagement boost from it. 


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This might not be the best example in the world. Still, it does encourage people to understand how their social status and surroundings might impact what they see.

#4 – Encourage people to share their personal views

Suppose the topic isn’t all that polarising and controversial. In that case, you should still promote the sharing of opinions in the comment section. 

An example: let’s say you have a sports page dedicated to NBA basketball. You see the news that a particular team is struggling to meet the expectations that were set out at the beginning of the season. 

If you have at least a few hundred active followers, this could set up a very interesting or even heated discussion between those who have views which are super unalike. Such questions aren’t at all difficult to think of. You just need to correlate news to your audience.


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an elementary yet super successful example from Starbucks.

#5 – IG takeover, baby

A takeover, if you don’t know yet, is when an account is temporarily given to a different owner. The temporary period is usually 24hours, but takeovers can also last 1 hour, 2 hours or even a whole week. The Instagram takeover is probably the single best way of getting new, entirely fresh, creative content on your page. This will indeed engage a lot of your present fans and new audiences. Takeovers aren’t a weapon you should use often, but when you can, max it out. 

Your takeover’er should be an influencer, a colleague, a business partner or anyone that is currently in close business or personal relations with your personal or professional brand. During the takeover, a person or a company will generate fresh new content which will result in new reactions and emotions from your followers. 

Want to know more about doing proper Instagram takeovers? Read this blog with 7 tips by Hootsuite, and you should be good to go!

one of the more famous IG takeovers that Elizabeth Lail did for her show You on Netflix.

#6 – Optimise your account

You might be struggling with a lack of comments, not because your content doesn’t have visual fidelity or because of other quality-related issues. It can also be caused by the lack of account optimisation. First and foremost, you have to make your account public. This way, you can attract more watchers thanks to the use of hashtags, locations, etc. 

If your account is private, it may be difficult to generate comments from new users.

The second part of your account optimisation relies on the optimisation of the Instagram app itself, the preparation of your device and the integration of third-party tools. In normal people language, this means that you should keep push notifications enabled. This will allow you to respond to comments and engage with audiences much quicker. Replying faster will promote your image of an active brand/influencer. The more people see that you reply to their comments, the more they will engage with you in the future.

Finally, you can also make the most from third-party tools. They will help you regularly schedule posts at times when there’s the highest engagement, better manage content outputs and optimise other aspects like hashtag use, etc. 

You can gain a lot of benefit from utilising platforms like Hootsuite for social media management.

#7- Simply buy guaranteed comments from SocialShaft

Probably the fastest and most direct route towards getting more comments is to simply purchase them. If you didn’t know by now, SocialShaft offers all kinds of services, dedicated to Instagram. SocialShaft helps influencers and businesses on Instagram grow faster and achieve better engagement rates for a much cheaper rate when compared with other popular social media management methods.

Buying random or custom Instagram comments can help kickstart a campaign, boost brand prestige or stimulate organic growth of your profile. Make sure to select the desired amount as it is crucial to get a decent number of comments according to the number of followers, likes and views that your post has. Speaking of which, SocialShaft can also deliver Instagram likes, views and followers to complement the influx of new comments as well.

You can buy anywhere from 10 to 500 random comments from SocialShaft for as low as 2.95$. Yet if you want pure authenticity and the highest-quality comments, opt for custom Instagram comments. 5 custom comments will set you back only 2.95$ as well, so it’s a great deal for both small and mid-sized pages.

As a final note, we’d like to say that these comments are delivered almost instantly. You don’t need to wait or sit around as engagement from our high-quality accounts will come soon.

#8 – Let people know that the best comments get a shoutout

If you remembered YouTube back in 2008-2010, the most prominent channel at the time was a guy named Ray William Johnson. The vlogger did comedy reviews of funny or exciting videos from the web. 

However, arguably the most exciting feature of his show was a rubric called ‘Comment question of the day’. Ray and his team would look at thousands of comments made by viewers to find the most intriguing, exciting, silly questions. He would feature them at the end of his show and shout out the people who came up with them. 

To put it shortly, you should definitely look into encouraging people to comment under your posts. However, just asking might not cut it. Create a campaign or run a trivia where the authors of the most creative and fun comments will get a shoutout. This can definitely boost comment numbers by a whole lot.